Tuesday, 6 December 2016

All quiet on the Western Front

It's been a while. Here's a moth:

Nematopogon sp.
I haven't been doing any blogging, but I have been doing other stuff. So I made a hub to link things together. A hub to end all hubs, hosted on GitHub and coded from scratch like I always dreamed of. 

There was a name I was holding in reserve for such an enterprise, and now I finally get to use it. 

In all its css-iness and beginner-plicity, here is The Flying Chrysalis.

...ok ok ok back to work.

PS. Look at the top! New pages! (Or rather, old pages I was working on and still haven't finished.)

PPS. Thought I may as well whip out another idea I had back in 2013... a name change. The Lepidoptera Log is now meticulosa!

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