Friday, 24 May 2013

Hashtagged caterpillars galore

Out running to get my fitness up last week, I chanced upon quite a few caterpillars, which I have been revisiting on subsequent days.

Daytime Report 16 May 2013 (early morning)

On vegetation / Flying | @ Glencairn Road J3075 / Glencairn Road J2976, HVC39

  • Six small green Geometrid larvae, possibly of two different species (U#269: 5L; U#270: 1L - could be November Moth, Winter Moth or something similar) were munching away in spun Beech leaves, as were two micro-moth larvae (U#271: 1L; U#273: 1L). On blackthorn was another micro (U#272: 1L), and up in the countryside was...
 Green-veined White:1 [Y]

U#269 larvae in spinning on beech

U#270 larva on beech

One of the five U#269 larvae found on beech, smaller than the single U#270 larva above but with similar markings, so possibly the previous instar rather than a different species. 

Green-veined White

U#272 larva on blackthorn

Daytime Report 22 May 2013 (early morning)

On vegetation | @ Glencairn Park J3075, HVC39

  • I refound two of the green Geometrid larvae, which blurred the lines between what I had thought might be two separate species (U#269/270). A new find was a tiny brown Geometrid larva (U#274: 1L) on the same beech, which could possibly be Mottled Umber.

My use of hashtags to catalogue unidentified records is somewhat different from how Twitter uses them (#myrecordsmyrules) but I know some people may find them just as annoying, so apologies.

Another update on these caterpillars (and other very cool stuff) to come this weekend (hopefully), then I'm holing up for some intense revision next week...

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