Sunday, 26 May 2013

Common Pug

Common Pug

This was the only interesting thing in the trap this morning, accompanied by the usual three Housing Association Microlepidoptera and a caddisfly.

Plus another moth that got away as soon as I lifted the lid. D'oh!

Trap Report 25-26 May 2013

25W Blacklight | @ home garden, Springmartin
11-12°C, B0-1, clear to cloudy

Endrosis sarcitrella: 2
Common Pug: 1 [Y]
Mompha subbistrigella: 3
Hofmannophila pseudospretella: 1

DJ MSub in da house!

Yesterday I was out and about in Murlough NNR and saw some real goodies. Once I have clarified that my photographic activities in relation to a particular species at the reserve are not infringing legislation, I'll be able to report on that!

Updates on Projects 36A, 37A and 38A

None of the three pupae have emerged yet. (The second Lozotaenia is keeping the first one waiting!)

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