Friday, 24 May 2013

Wings like Angles - and a lovely Lozzy

Final update on Project 3B

Here she is! My Angle Shades moth emerged on Wednesday (22 May), a week and a half earlier than I expected, certainly because I kept the pupa inside for the latter part of its development.

I released her back in the garden that night.

(I say "her". I can't actually sex moths so I'm just guessing...)

I haven't been keeping my Flickr account up to date recently so no links on the photos. Next up...

Update on Project 36A

Yes, the first Lozotaenia forsterana had popped out the same morning. I've kept it back until its companion emerges, then I'll release both of them in the garden. Or see if they'll breed.

In the 22 degree heat of my room, this one only took 10 days to complete its pupal stage. So as a comparison...

Update on Project 3B

...I collected a 2cm larva from the ivy on the garden wall, and am keeping it outdoors to see how long it pupates for in more normal conditions.

I found six other larvae on the ivy, with quite a range of sizes. One of them was only about 8mm, so their emergence is going to be quite well-staggered.

Update on Projects 37A and 38A

Neither of the mystery micro pupae have emerged yet.

Update on Project 7D

I can't find the Light Brown Apple Moth larva on the apple sapling, just two empty leaf spinnings. Another mystery...

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